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O'Connor wins a
bizarre DQ!

Billy "Loops" Luppert at Ringside
Photos by
Emily Harney

Promoter/boxer Chris Traietti of Granite Chin Promotions returned Saturday to The SportZone in Derry, NH with a seven-bout card showcasing jr middleweight prospect Danny O'Connor in a scheduled eight-round contest with 58-fight veteran Ruben Galvan. 

In one of the oddest endings to a bout that this reporter has ever witnessed, O'Connor was awarded the contest after Galvan was disqualified at 2:05 of the 4th round for profane language directed at the referee.

O'Connor dominated from the opening bell.  O'Connor was first to the punch in almost every exchange as he moved Galvan around the ring with ease. O'Connor made particularly good work with his jab and body punching for which Galvan simply had no answer.

In round four, things took a strange turn as Galvan was hit with an unintentional low blow while next to his corner. Instead of being given the usual five minutes to recover, the fight was waived off, puzzling everybody at ringside.

It was only after O'Connor was announced as the winner by disqualification did things get more confusing as Galvan didn't appear to do anything that would warrant a disqualification.

Upon leaving the ring, FightNews asked a visibly frustrated Galvan why he was disqualified, to which he replied, "I have no idea!  You'll have to ask the referee!"

Referee Dave Greenwood explained to FightNews that he was about to give Galvan five minutes to recover when the fighter directed an expletive at him which resulted with the DQ.

Greenwood did not specify the vulgarities but assured me that it was sufficient to warrant the disqualification.

O'Connor improved to 22-1 with 7 knockouts.  O'Connor will be back in action September 12th at the Verizon Wireless Arena in Downtown Manchester, NH when he headlines the annual "Fight to Educate" fundraiser.

Galvan  -  who has faced the likes of Zab Judah, Paul Spadafora, Julio Caesar Chavez, Jr, and Dmitri Salita among others without disqualifying his self  -  drops to 27-25-4 with ten knockouts (and 1 DQ). 


Silveira scores impressive decision

Jr. middleweight Derek Silveira improved to 10-1 with 4 knockouts (4) with a six-round unanimous decision over a very game Damon Antoine.

Silveira was able to control the action over his flat footed opponent with a sharp jab and crisp body punching. To Antoine's credit, the 62-fight veteran keep pressing forward, ducking and weaving from the relentless assault of Silveira, but Silveira's youth and speed made it difficult for Antoine to get any momentum going consequently Antoine spent the majority of the fight on the defensive. While Silveira never hurt Antoine, he was able to land some solid blows using good footwork and angles to keep his opponent off-balance for the entire contest.

Scores of the bout were 60-54 twice and 59-55.

The grizzled veteran Antoine slips to 11-48-2 with 5 knockouts.


Dunwell versus Frazier entertains the crowd!

In an entertaining bout, Simeon Dunwell scored a six-round unanimous decision over Johnnie Frazier in a jr welterweight encounter. The clash featured many flurries from the fighters with each landing his fair share of solid punches.  Neither guy was hurt during the fight, but both pressed forward with action, hoping to land that one big blow. While that big blow never came, each fighter had their moments with solid hooks to the head and sharp punching downstairs.  Dunwell was the more well rounded, throwing tighter punches, and had the faster hands when he let them go, often beating Frazier to the punch. In the end, that was what helped him improve his record to 12-2 (3), by scores of 60-55, 58-56 and 57-56.  Frazier drops to 2-18-4 with 2 knockouts.


Santos destroys Davis in One!

Heavyweight Alexis Santos, a crowd favorite from nearby Lawrence, MA, improved to 11-0 (10) with a first round destruction of Donnie Davis (8-26, 6 KOs). Santos slammed a hard left hook to the ribcage of Davis who dropped to the canvas and never got back up. Time of the stoppage was 47 seconds.


More undercard action:

Cruiserweight Vinnie Carita needed just 38 seconds to move his record to 6-1 (6), knocking out John Downey (0-3) with a viscous body blow. 

Light heavyweight John Magda upped his record to 2-0 (2) with a first round knockout over a grossly overmatched Dan Bonnell (0-3) . Magda put Bonnell on the canvas three times before the  bout was finally called with 1 second remaining in the round.

Antonio Chaves Fernandez (3-11-2) outworked Jesus Cintron (1-3-2) over four rounds of their welterweight bout to win by scores of 39-37 twice, and 38-38.