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By: Christian O. Agmi and Christopher D. Agmi
Photography by Emily Harney

Undefeated middleweight prospect Peter “Kid Chocolate” Quillin of Brooklyn, NY, punished the game but limited Sam Hill of St. Louis, MI, for almost ten rounds Wednesday (Sept 17) before referee Norman Velleiux mercifully called a halt to the bout at 1:50 of round ten. Hill, best known for his upset stoppage of former 1996 gold medalist David Reid, showed great toughness and grit in absorbing monstrous combinations to his head and body to the enjoyment of a lively crowd at the Verizon Wireless Arena.

In round one, Quillin started quickly, getting Hill’s attention behind a steady, hard jab. Sam responded with jabs of his own to interrupt his opponent’s rhythm and used lateral movement to avoid Quillin’s powerful overhand right. In round two, Quillin increased his workrate, charging out of the gate to throw three and four punch combinations to Hill’s head and body. A well-timed counter right hand from Hill briefly stung Quillin, warning the undefeated prospect that this was not going to be an easy fight.

In round three, Quillin began imposing his strength and punching power, staggering Hill with a combination to the head. Sensing that his opponent was hurt, Quillin proceeded to pounce on Hill, ripping body shots with both hands and leaving Hill with little to offer in return in the way of offense. Hill wisely chose to cover up to weather Quillin’s barrage. Quillin continued his concentrated body attack in round four, shooting left hooks and right hands that were visibly taking their toll on “The Punching Policeman”.

A strong overhand right staggered Hill in round five, causing the St. Louis native’s knees to buckle. The prospect’s follow-up flurry resulted in the only knockdown of the fight. However, towards the end of the round, it looked as though Hill had shaken off the knockdown and he even pressed Quillin, who looked a little gassed.

In rounds six and seven, Quillin repeatedly landed right hands to Hill’s head, causing swelling around Hill’s left eye. With his eyesight hindered and his offense deteriorating, it was apparent that going the distance was the best that Hill could hope for on this night, as his granite chin proved to be his only asset in the fight.

Despite receiving a warning in round eight for hitting below the belt, the unrelenting “Kid Chocolate” refused to abandon the body assault that proved so effective. Taking increased punishment, the courageous Hill continued inviting Quillin to attack, pumping his chest and waving him in until a clean right hand landed on the exposed chin of the fading veteran, wobbling him to punctuate another lopsided round. Round nine would be no different, as the veteran winced and grunted with every succeeding combination to the body.

In the final round of the fight, with the veteran’s left eye completely shut and taking an extraordinary amount of unanswered punches, Referee Norman Velleiux mercifully ended the bout. However, the heart and determination that the veteran displayed during the bout paid off, as the enthusiastic crowd was loudly dismayed by the stoppage.

When asked about his late round stoppage, Quillin stated “I want to establish myself as a fighter, not just be strong in the middle rounds, but throughout the course of the fight.” With this win, Quillin (20-0, 15 KOs ) can look to step up and perhaps fight for a regional title. Sam Hill (17-9, 10 KOs ) has now lost three of the last five.---- Christian O. Agmi



In the co-feature, "The Chosen One" Ronald Hearns - son of the legendary Tommy Hearns - wasted no time dispatching Colombia 's Alexander Pacheco Quiroz in just one round of a junior middleweight contest. Hearns quickly established a crisp jab that seemed to never let the Quiroz get his offense started. Hearns followed up a pair of jabs with a thunderous right hand that immediately floored the overmatched Quiroz. With Quiroz up but not completely back to his senses, Hearns dropped another huge overhand right that prompted referee David Greenwood to put a halt to the contest at 2:10 of the round. With the win, Ronald improves to 20-0 with 16 knockouts while Quiroz drops to 14-7-1 with 12 knockouts.

After the fight, Hearns explained that he concentrated on sharpening his jab during training camp. Hearns also commented on his future title aspirations: “Early next year I think I’ll be ready for a world title shot. When I’m in with an A fighter, I fight to their level. I fight a lot of those A guys in the gym.”

It’s said that father knows best, so when asked about his son’s immediate future, Hall of Fame father Tommy Hearns stated “Right now we have to take it step-by-step, trying to go too fast will hurt him. Its best that he take on opponents that he feels that he can take on and not go over the top.”
With his next bout scheduled for October 24th in Quebec , Canada , we will soon find out if Ronald Hearns is ready to make the jump into title contention.--- Chris D. Agmi


fightnews.comO'Connor vs Guerrido

Former Golden Gloves champion and Olympic Alternate Danny O’Connor put on an impressive debut against a game Jose Guerrido (0-3) of the Bronx , NY in a welterweight bout. O’Connor was aggressive from the opening the bell as he utilized a strong body attack to break down his challenger. Midway in the second round, a furious combination of body punches staggered Guerrido and an eventual right hook upstairs put the challenger on the canvas. Shortly after, Guerrido’s corner threw in the towel, officially ending the contest at 1:55 of round two.
- Chris D. Agmi

Sujak vs Graham

Hajro Sujak (2-0, 1 KO) displayed great power in dismantling Daren Graham (1-3, 1 KO) in just two quick-paced rounds in a super middleweight encounter. Sujak, of Bronx NY , overwhelmed his opponent with left hooks and a huge flurry, prompting referee Victor Gabel to call a halt to the bout at just 37 seconds of round two.--- Chris D. Agmi

Rivera vs Velazquez

In the opening bout of the evening, lightweight Osvaldo Rivera (2-0-1, 1 KO) of Bronx , NY , put on a strong offensive showing against Jose Velazquez (1-5, 1 KO) of Worchester MA. A barrage of punches forced Velazquez to take a knee midway of round three which was followed by a quick but appropriate stoppage at 1:35 of the same round.--- Chris D. Agmi

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